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CO HB 21-1191

Prohibit Discrimination COVID-19 Vaccine Status




The bill prohibits an employer, including a licensed health facility, from taking adverse action against an employee or an applicant for employment based on the employee's or applicant's COVID-19 immunization status. The bill allows an aggrieved employee or applicant for employment to file a 
civil action for injunctive, affirmative, and equitable relief and, if the employer or health facility acted with malice or wanton or willful misconduct or has repeatedly violated the law, the court may also award punitive damages and attorney fees and costs.Additionally, the bill specifies that the COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory, that the state cannot  require any individual to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine, and that government agencies and private businesses, including health insurers, 
cannot discriminate against clients, patrons, or customers based on their COVID-19 vaccination status. A person  aggrieved by a violation of these prohibitions may file a civil action for injunctive and other appropriate relief and may be awarded punitive damages and attorney fees and costs for wanton, willful, or repeated violations. (Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)


http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb21-1191  Current Status of the bill: INTRODUCED

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